Wealth Advisory

Innovative Business Solutions (“IBS”), our group Management Consulting Organization, is expanding its range of professional services by creating a brand-new Wealth Advisory division. We are building a strategic relationship with the Core Group of Companies for expertise in the area of Wealth Management.

Through this newly formed Wealth Advisory division, IBS will assist individuals, conglomerates, and entities with their Wealth Management, Risk Management, Estate Planning, and Insurance-related needs.

IBS and Core Group of Companies will act with the utmost integrity, safeguarding the clients’ assets and providing them with the best-in-class client experience.

Wealth Management

Building and protecting your wealth in a secure and tax efficient manner is critical to financial success. Our team of discretionary portfolio managers and Certified Financial Planners work with corporations and High net worth individuals to help them achieve their Financial objectives. Our core services include:

  1. Investment management
  2. Safeguarding assets
  3. Investment portfolio review
  4. Taxation planning
  5. Effective retirement planning
Insurance Planning

Protecting the clients’ wealth and earning power while accumulating assets with efficient tax and insurance planning is the basis of this service. We offer advisory on:

  1. Protecting client wealth
  2. Helping business owners
  3. Corporate and personal life insurance reviews
Estate Planning

We assist in effective estate plans to reduce tax burdens and preserve estate assets with expert guidance and planning. Our services include:

  1. Estate tax estimation
  2. Tax planning
  3. Business succession planning
  4. Review and evalution
  5. Probate and charitable guidance

For further assistance or any personalized advisory on better wealth management, please contact our experts by click on the button below:


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